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TRES Digital Voice for Business

You can thank our fiber-optic network for the brilliant clarity of TRES Digital Voice. The two are completely integrated, so if you have TRES Digital TV or Internet, TRES Digital Voice is the next logical step.

TRES Digital Voice (with double play)

ANG 15.90 /month (incl. OB)

TRES Digital Voice (with triple play)

ANG 10.60 /month (incl. OB)

TRES Carrier Preselect (Available soon)

By signing up for TRES Carrier Preselect you are choosing TRES as your default international long distance provider. You can now enjoy very competitive international calling rates.

How does it work? Just fill out a form indicating the phone numbers you would like to Preselect with TRES and we will inform your existing local phone operator of the change. They will then route your international calls directly to our network for processing.

There is no need to change your existing telephone number(s) or your existing subscription with your existing provider. After the change is done, TRES will invoice you for all your international calls going forward and your current provider will continue to bill you for local charges and calls.

This service is available from your existing fixed and mobile numbers.

TRES Carrier Select (0115) (Available soon)

TRES Carrier Select give you the same advantages as Carrier Preselect by dialing the TRES 0115 prefix before your international number.

Example: 0115 + 00 + Country Code + City Code + Number

Just sign up for this service by filling out a form and get ready to Save on your international calls!

This service is available from your existing fixed and mobile numbers.

Hosted PBX

Virtual PBX Service (also known as Hosted PBX Service) is designed for the small & medium business starting up and not wanting to invest in expensive phone equipment. Simply put, a hosted PBX system provides call-routing services via the internet that relieves customers from any technical complications since everything is remotely handled.

With the advent of virtual PBX, companies no longer need to invest in physical phone systems as everything is maintained remotely by a third-party communications company (TRES).

The dramatically lower cost of a virtual PBX system enables smaller businesses and “off-site” freelancers/contractors to adopt the advanced technology of bigger companies.


SIP Trunking

TRES offers SIP Trunking service for businesses where we can connect your IP-enabled PBX phone system directly to the TRES phone switch via the internet providing your company with local & international calling service at very competitive rates.

SIP Trunking allows enterprise and small businesses to eliminate a PSTN gateway at their site and outsource that function to a carrier. It is typically a lower-cost alternative to Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs) because SIP trunks can be purchased in single-trunk increments (as compared to 30 channel increments for a PRI). Your company will reduce costs using Voice SIP Trunks versus traditional TDM lines.